Growing up I always wanted to be a vampire, witch, or ghoul for Halloween. I also grew up in a pretty religious family where that was frowned upon so I ended up being a bat, Lady Godiva, a or blushing bride.

As an adult, I went the superhero route paying homage to Wonder Woman

Townsquare Media/John Taylor
Townsquare Media/John Taylor

And saving up to have Dee Dee Dauntless  paint me blue!

a rare photo of the peeps that make this whole thing happen
a rare photo of the peeps that make this whole thing happen

This weekend, I'm going even darker. Not particularly vampire, more Mistress of the Night? I will carry a cane, I have a gorgeous black cape with feathers, horns and I am currently on the hunt for long black fake nails!

It's the Yakima Sports Commissions kick-off to their summer racing series located at SOZO Sports Complex. This Saturday, May 8th is the first race (walk or crawl, it isn't that serious) the Super 5 K and I have codes if you're interested in attending! First come first serve! Message me via the app.

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You could go with your favorite superhero or villain. Bring the kids or your co-workers for some fun in the sun. All the precautions will be on point, masks, washing hands, and the whole biz but let's get out and let loose.

This past year has been wild so there's no shame in dressing up like something you've always wanted to be. You could kill two birds with one stone, I for sure will be using this outfit for Halloween 2021.

Whatever your plans I hope that you do what makes you most happy and hope to see you out and about soon!

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