I hate to say another one bites the dust but that is the song that plays in the back of my head these days when it comes to events.

Everything involving crowds and gatherings is being postponed due to the continued spread of Covid-19 and this morning the Yakima Valley Sports Commission made the announcement that the last three remaining events for their calendar year; the Hot Shots 3on3 tournament, the Dye Hard 5k, and the Volleyball tournament have all been moved to 2021, with no solid date moving forward to mark your calendars.

I was set to host the Dye Hard 5K for the third year in a row so I was very interested in how we were going to be able to pull off such a fun-filled event and continue to be safe. I just got my answer.

Hey, the health and safety of our Valley is the most important thing right now so if that means we need to press pause on all the normal day to day stuff we love, so be it. This won't be forever and I feel for all those young and old athletes, parents, and fans who just love this stuff. It's tough and your frustration at a virus we can't see is valid.

There's a section of our website that continues to update with everything having to do with Covid-19 so please take a gander when you are curious and also if you haven't downloaded our free app, it's a great way to stay in touch and also receive breaking news at it comes in on the daily.

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