I've had this theory for a long time that eating while standing would mean you would eat less than when you're sitting because when you sit your lap supports the weight of your gut, making comfortable for you to eat more. When you stand, your gut doesn't have that support so I thought you might eat less as a result. I ate lunch sitting down today and it feels like I swallowed a bowling ball and whenever that happens I think about my theory.

I've never actually put this theory through any practical experiment but it turns out, according to an article on the website LIVESTRONG.COM, that I'm wrong. While there is some logic to my theory what I didn't take into consideration is that people who eat standing up tend to eat faster and chew less making their body work harder to digest what they've eaten. When you sit down you tend to eat more slowly and because it takes the signal that you're full about 20 minutes to get from the stomach to the brain, you eat less from the time you are full to when your brain gets the signal. If you eat standing up, chances are you'll overeat.