Delving back into the YouTube wormhole, we wrangled up heavy metal comic and That Metal Show host Don Jamieson so he could react to some of metal’s dumbest videos.

Death metal on a kids show? Heavily underrated. We showed Jamieson a clip from New Zealand, where a band called Blindfolded and Led Into the Woods played crushing death metal for an elementary school audience. “Actually, the kids are pretty into it,” Jamieson noticed. “I thought these kids would be horrified by this. I thought they’d have a look on their face like Joe Biden is trying to smell their hair.”

Ever heard of caveman metal? It’s the newest slam craze thanks to Uga Uga and Jamieson’s favorite clip of the bunch. “This is a concept video, I see. Much like ‘November Rain’ by Guns N’ Roses,” the comic says. After anticipating a grand finale to the epic forest adventure, Jamieson got his wish when Uga Uga gave a bizarre and dark outro to “Uga Uga Uga Uga,” leaving Don scarred for life.

Of course, we had to show Azazel’s live performance at Steelfest, leading Jamieson to believe that Azazel must have meant “most drunken black metal band you’ve ever seen” in Finnish. “You might not like this band, but you have to admit… their physiques are magnificent.”

Watch Don Jamieson react to metal’s dumbest videos below and click here to grab the comedian’s newest album, Denim and Laughter. (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases)

Don Jamieson Reacts to Metal's Dumbest Videos

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