There's a long and growing list of activities that have been cancelled in Yakima and throughout the state because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything from graduations to birthday parties have been impacted and the list is growing. Another cancellation could soon be added to the list. Yakima's Downtown Summer Nights. It's an event that's been happening for years on Front Street in Downtown Yakima. It was cancelled last year because of the pandemic and it looks like it may go down in flames this year as well.

Andrew Holt, Executive Director Downtown Association of Yakima says at this point it's a long shot if the downtown concert series will be held this summer for several reasons. Much of the planning for the event hasn't happened because the pandemic and there's no way to know if COVID-19 restrictions will be eased by June when the series would begin. Holt says he's not ruling out the possibility of holding Downtown Summer Nights because no final decision has been made but he admits it's a long shot at this point. But Holt says they are definitely planning for more people shopping in Downtown Yakima with a special event in May.
The Downtown Association of Yakima is holding what's being called "Spring into Downtown." Association officials say the Small Business Saturday events that have happened in the fall have been so successful they've decided to hold a similar event on May 15. They say they want to see downtown buzzing with people and excitement.
The event will be held on Saturday, May 15 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information check

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