Perhaps the best thing about music festivals is the lack of clothing and inhibitions many of the female attendees will display. That was certainly the case during Ultra Music Festival in Miami, where a cute and possibly chemically altered young lady tried to make sweet, sweet love to one of the region’s indigenous palm trees.

If this was simply a video of a chick in bikini humping a tree we wouldn’t even bother posting it because we’ve all seen that before, right? No, this is so much more. Midway through the encounter the girl releases the tree from her embrace, takes a step back and gives him (we are assuming it’s a he) a firm slap.

What crude thing did tree do deserve this rebuke? One can only guess. Whatever it was he is quickly forgiven and she goes back to thrusting against him until her friends ruin the fun by taking her away.

The video below is NSFW for language and the potential to, well, cause wood.

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