If you're one of those families that wait till the last minute to put up your tree, it's just about time. But why deal with the stress of last-minute stuff? You still have a week (or less, depending on when you read this). And there are still a ton of great trees looking for their forever 2023 homes in the Yakima Valley!

Now, if you're considering just getting a plastic tree, WHY? Haven't you been hearing the news about how plastic is terrible for everything? No one has fond memories of going to the store to pick out the perfect plastic tree! Check these sites out (in no particular order).

The Tree Lot @ 1802 W. Nob Hill Blvd (Yakima) (Bearded Monkey Cycling)

Christmas Tree Lot

The Tree Lot @ 403 S 1st St (Selah) (R&Q Parts & Machine Inc.)

Christmas Tree Lot
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The Tree Lot @ 3112 Main St. (Union Gap) (St. Joe’s Bingo)

Christmas Tree Lot

Gasseling Ranches Christmas Tree Farm @ 4830 W Wapato Rd (Wapato)

Christmas Wreath
Gasseling Ranches Christmas Tree Farm via Google

Roots Nursery & Landscape @ 6710 Tieton Dr (Yakima)

Roots Nursery & Landscape
Google Maps

Some suggestions of trees lots from our listeners are Fruit City (3913 Main St) in Union Gap as well as The Lions Club lot in Terrace Heights (next to the 7-Eleven at 3908 Terrace Heights Dr).


With the big day coming up, don't hesitate much longer; get out there and check out these great choices to get a fresh tree just in time for the holidays. Another bonus of a live tree versus getting a plastic tree is what to do after Christmas. A tradition we celebrated in my family was the annual "Burning" of the Christmas tree. Hearing the needles and tinsel popping while filling your house with warmth and amazing smells. The first year we did the annual burning with a plastic tree, it didn't have the same effect. Just make sure your area isn't in a burn ban.

If you know of a Tree Lot that we missed, please Tap the App and let us know!

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