As soon as I found out Capcom was doing a remake of the classic DuckTales game, I was super excited. Even though the challenge isn't quite there, it's a fun, vibrant game. Now that this title is available for download, I ran home to get it almost as fast as I used to run home from school to watch the classic cartoon. I wasn't disappointed.

I quickly learned this title was more than just the same game with updated graphics and music. It's a whole new game. It starts with a cut-scene of the Beagle Boys blowing up the vault door to start stealing Scrooge McDuck's fortune. From there, the first level begins which is completely new from the original NES title. This plays like your traditional 'learn the controls and gameplay' training level that's common in video games today.

After completing that, it goes into the familiar level select from the original game, but also has two other options. There are some downloadable pieces like artwork, music and more that are purchased through the money (gems) you collect which definitely adds to the replay value. The second is one I've wanted to do all along. You get to dive in your money pit and swim around like he does in the cartoon.

The levels have been slightly re-worked as well giving you more to explore. In the Amazon, for instance, you have to find all of the coins to unlock a part of the level that's inaccessible without them. When this happens, Scrooge McDuck and Launchpad McQuack share some dialogue which gets a little annoying after the second or third time, but, fortunately, you can skip past the dialogue if you just want to keep playing - you have that option.

For a killer price (only $14.99), it's worth the download based on nostalgia alone. It's currently available on Wii-U and PSN and will be available on Xbox Live very soon. They're also releasing a hard copy you can buy in stores that comes with a pin. Although I downloaded mine, I'll also buy the hard copy. It's worth it.

I absolutely love what WayForward did to bring this classic back to life without ruining the integrity of the original. Now, if they wanted to do same with other Capcom/Disney classics like Rescue Rangers and the rest of them, I wouldn't mind what-so-ever!

DuckTales Remastered is by Capcom / WayForward and is rated E for everyone.