Laws are passed every year, some for the better and obviously some for the worst. However, there are some laws we've all been guilty of breaking and didn't even know it.

Prepare to have your mind blown because some of these laws are absolutely out of this world and you won't believe they're even actual laws. However, I can assure you they are.

5.) You Can't buy Mattresses or a T.V on a Sunday

That's right, in Washington State it is illegal to buy a mattress or television on Sundays. This law came into effect after many went out shopping on Sundays instead of attending church services and clogging up local stores.

4.) It's illegal to sell comic books to Minors

Can you believe it, with the popularity of comic book movies and how much pop culture is influenced by it it's actually illegal to sell comic books to minors. Now, this is an old law but a law nonetheless. The main reasoning behind it was lawmakers being worried about the youth of Washington and them being influenced to do something dangerous seen in the comic books.

3.) Women can not sit on Man's lap during Public transportation

Public Transportation is a huge way a lot of Washingtonians get around, imagine a couple riding together their significant other couldn't sit on their lap without having a pillow. That's right a pillow must be on the lap of the man if they don't they could face up to 6 months in jail.

2.) Dancing and Drinking can not occur at the same Establishment.

Ever wanna go out for a night of dancing, well it used to be you'd have to get your drinks elsewhere before you hit the dance floor. No one truly knows why this is a law or what made it one but it's still a law. Obviously, one that's not enforced like the rest on this list.

1.) No one person is allowed to walk in public with the Common Cold

People think restrictions on Covid were ridiculous but back in the day if you were caught out on the street with the common cold you could find yourself in jail with the intent to spread the sickness. If you contracted the cold and went out knowing you have it you were endangering others around you. Thankfully we're far from that while dealing with Covid-19

How many of these laws have you broken, thankfully none of them have been enforced anymore but somehow are still laws in Washington state.



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