In some of the bigger cities, they're few and far between, but such a thing exists as a cereal bar or cereal cafe. It's a place where you can enjoy a bowl of cereal -- seriously! I've personally been to the Kellogg's Cafe in New York as well as one in Rochester, NY and loved them both. Los Angeles has a pretty popular one and a cereal cafe in the United Kingdom has been doing great for years. I never thought we'd have one around here but that's about to change.

Introducing Spoon Cereal Bar. It's slated to go in the Uptown Shopping area of Richland in Tri-Cities. 100+ different cereal selections with 10+ milk and milk alternative combinations will keep you coming back for that second bowl.

Not just cereal but they're also planning on serving other items including cereal milk soft serve as well as cereal themed coffee drinks with help from a local coffee place. I can't wait!

Look for this place to open in the next couple months. In the meantime you can follow Spoon Cereal Bar for more details.

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