Back in October we got word that one of Yakima's favorite places to stop and get a coffee or a plethora of other drinks was closing down. We later found out it was because the owner was slowing down and enjoying life and wanted to focus on his other location. Since then, the building that was formerly Crusin' Coffee at 111 E Washington Ave (& South 1st) has remained vacant, but not for much longer.

I had my hopes about what could go in there. One of my more delusional ideas was for a drive-thru liquor store. FOR THOSE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE! I thought the name Boozin' Coffee had a nice ring to it. But I can see how that idea might not turn it out too well (although it has worked in other areas before).

If we can't get a drive-thru liquor store, how about a drive-thru BOBA place! We need to get one of those. We have many great places that serve Boba, but none that are drive-thru. You can read my thoughts on that.

But now we know what business is going into that perfect spot for a coffee stand.

coming soon sign for Roscoes Coffee

If you've never heard of Roscoes Coffee, they are a coffee stand based in Richland, Washington, with one stand that packs a big punch. So much of a punch that they won Tri-Cities Best Coffee Shop by the Tri-Cities Hearld's readers in 2022 & 2023.

The Washington Ave. & South 1st St. location will be Roscoes Coffee's 2nd location, but the grand opening has yet to be announced, but is aiming for late January.

coffee shop with signs saying "coming soon"

Are you excited for another choice to get your drive-thru drink? Will you be checking them out? Tap the App and let us know!

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