I love walking around downtown Ellensburg. Cool old buildings, restaurant's and shops. If it weren't so far away from work I'd love to live in one of the lofts above one of those downtown establishments but the drive (especially in the winter) can be brutal and I have a 2001 Nissan Altima that seems like it needs something fixed every day so I have to take it easy on the old car.

What I really love is that the town is super hip. Can you imagine a big sign in front of a historic building somewhere in the south that read "420 building"? Seems like in some of those bible belt towns they would ban something like this outright. In Ellensburg however they display their 420 sign loud and proud. After all this is Washington State.

What's really surprising is that the cloth that makes up the sign hasn't been stolen a hundred times like the 420 mile markers have been in bigger states like Montana. The department of transportation in that state won't even replace them anymore.