It's great being a nerd in today's day & age. Growing up if I wanted to dress like a superhero, people would tease me and usually beat me up to to prove that I'm not a superhero. Now, the nerds rule the earth, and even the jocks are stopping to take second glances at sexy cos-played Squirrel Girl, (I'm exaggerating... kind of). But one of the U.S.'s biggest comic con's is right in our own backyard, and I just took a peak at this years guest list and holy crap! Take my money now!


Emerald City Comic Con is taking place on March 12th-15th in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center! The guest list is massive with stars of not only the comic book writing and artist corner of the world, but we'll also get the likes of pop cultures biggest names of the big & small screen! Guests include from film: Mark Ruffalo (Hulk, Avengers, 13 Going on 30), Karl Urban (The Boys, Star Trek, Thor Ragnarok), Anthony Daniels (Star Wars C3PO), Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future, Addams Family), Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jumanji), Lea Thompson (Back To The Future, Howard The Duck), Micheal J. Fox (Back To The Future, Spin City, Frighteners). From the small screen: Floriana Lima (The Punisher, Supergirl), Levar Burton (Star Trek, Reading Rainbow), Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones). From the world of Comics & Games, you can see the likes of: Laura Braga (DC Bombshells, Witchblade), Marco Santucci (Shazam, Injustice), Marguerite Bennett (Batwoman, DC Bombshells), Mark Irwin (Green Lantern, Detective Comics), Aaron Lopresti (Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, X-Men), Andrew Griffith (Transformers, Micronauts, M.A.S.K.), Jim Lee (Batman, Justice League, Suicide Squad).

Keep in mind, above is just a short list of all the guests that are going to be appearing through out the event. Some all 3 days, others for only select days, doing meet & greets & signings. Check out the full list at the guests page at

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