With things open, it's been kinda hard to find fun things to do, lucky for us there's one place that seems to have a special event every day for you to get in on. Remember covid restrictions are still happening so you'll need to wear a mask to participate.

When it comes to Karaoke, trivia night, rock band, gaming you name it this is the place to check out. Right off of 1st Ave. You can get more info on their Facebook page and plan accordingly, I'll make sure to include a link at the end.

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Board Game Night on Mondays

Come down for board games galore, not just Sorry, Mouse Trap, Or Chutes and Ladders, more like in-depth, storytelling games that will keep you drawn in the whole night. Bring friends or make new drinking buddies hang out with and game the way our forefathers did.

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Karaoke Night Tuesday and Wednesdays

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, Game & Grog hosts Karaoke night, with over a thousand songs to choose from and a library continuing to grow you have plenty of choices to choose from.

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RockBand Night On Fridays

Rockband is the perfect thing to do with friends, as long as you have four people to tag along you're good to go, if you don't you can always make some friends at the bar. Pick from a huge catalog of evergrowing songs again but this time jam out on the guitar, bass, drums or sing your heart out for a Rockin, nerdy crowd.

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Throwback Thursday Gaming

If you're an old-school gamer then Game & Grog is your place to go every Thursday when they bust out all the old consoles and games from Playstation, Xbox, game cube, Nintendo, you name it these guys probably have it. Grab some brews and food and kick back to enjoy your old-school gaming expierence.

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