I saw a friend on Facebook post a picture of himself with a "Real Housewives of Yakima" coffee mug and I knew I wanted one of those, immediately!

I asked him where he bought it and he gave me vague answers, so I searched around on the internet and stumbled upon this wine tumbler that was PERFECT for me. This one below! It cost me about  $28 with shipping and taxes, but it was worth it!


It would be so funny if Yakima got one of those "Real Housewives" reality shows. I would naturally be one of the main characters. Even though I am not married, I still have enough friends, family and work drama in my life to hold a solid character story plus, this show idea is mine, after all.

I jokingly posted a photo on Facebook of my new tumbler on my own Facebook page and told my friends to submit to me their audition tapes. I was a bit surprised that most people who commented on it said they wanted one, too. I decided to give out my little secret so that everyone in Yakima could buy one for themselves. I even put the link up on my Amazon Influencer page, so if you want one, here you go!

Click here to get your very own "Real Housewives of Yakima" cup. Just scroll down the page until you see the Real Housewives of your city tumbler. You can even customize it for your own city if you don't live in Yakima!

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