Ever wondered what the interior of the building of a store looks like after the business closed shop?

Recently, the YouTube community has taken an interest in exploring abandoned storefronts or storefronts that have closed shop -- but have not found a new occupant/business to take over the property. Locally, a few buildings have piqued the interest of the fine citizens of Yakima. Two of which included the old Ken Gaub Ministries building in Union Gap (which was just sold), and the old Albertsons at 40th Avenue and Tieton Drive.

In a shocking turn of events, the Albertsons at 40th and Tieton closed its doors forever in 2017. The store, which had been opened for decades, closed after a merger with Safeway  -- which also turned the Albertsons on Lincoln into a Safeway. Many have wondered what will become of the building, or if a new tenant will take over.

Albertsons had sentimental value to many in the valley. Whether it be getting lunch if you were a student at Ike, or even renting videos. It was like a part of the family had died.

Here's what the inside of the old Albertsons looks like now.

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