Two kids working at a  Burger King in New Hampshire have been busted for selling mary jane out the drive-through window. That is pretty gutsy, since the people in the cars behind you can hear almost everything that goes on. Not to mention the people inside the restaurant. Have you ever been asked if you wanted drugs at a drive-through window in Washington?I was asked if I wanted to by drugs once at an ice cream drive-through in Salt Lake City once. That was in the '80s though. I am pretty sure they probably got away with it for some time. People were not very with it in the '80s when it came to stuff like that.

The kids who were busted in New Hampshire would give the people the pot when they asked for the "nasty boy" and then extra crispy fries. That is funny as heck!

Have you ever seen this stuff happen in Washington?

Tell us in the comments below.


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