As I was driving over the weekend, I passed the mini shopping plaza containing Tieton Village Drug, Goodwill, and Joann Fabric and Crafts and noticed something.

The windows on the far end had been covered up with Green decals.

I turned right onto 36th Ave. from Tieton Dr. and looped back into the parking lot for a closer look.

The space at 3700 Tieton Dr., which had been a long-time home for Ace Hardware and a brief stint as a Daily Deals location, now has green dollar window decals, the same style as Dollar Tree.

building with green window dollar decals

I loved Dollar Tree when everything was a dollar and then a dollar and a quarter. Now that some prices are $2, $3, and UP, I only LIKE Dollar Tree as a friend.

I find it surprising that they're opening a new location in Yakima, especially given recent news that the chain will be closing stores at the end of their leases.

It's also surprising to me since we already have 4 other locations in Yakima (by Target, Boot Barn, Rosaurs, and on Nob Hill). Add to the locations in Selah, Sunnyside, and Toppenishthat's 7 stores in our valley (off the top of my head).

NOTE: Listener David Atkins chimed in on our social media, that the former Dollar Stretcher on 5th & Lincoln is now a Dollar Tree.

I'll have visit that one now!

Dollar tree building
Dollar Tree via Google Maps

Maybe one of the other locations is moving? This makes the most sense. I visited 4 of the locations, and if any of them were to be moving, my $1.25 would go to either the location by Target or Nob Hill Blvd.

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The one by Target, Big Lots, and Planet Fitness had a lot of empty shelves. So if they are moving, that would explain  that.

As far as the Nob Hill location, workers have commented on how theft is incredibly bad at there. So bad that they no longer offer customers baskets to use while shopping. Might be time for them to move?


UPDATE: Visiting the 5th & Lincoln location, I asked about the store on Tieton, if one of the others were moving or if it was going to be new. I was informed, that this will be A BRAND NEW LOCATION. So, does Yakima need 6 Dollar Trees? They think so!

With so many businesses closing nowadays, I'm just happy to see anything opening or taking steps to say open!

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