If you have ever been to Pike Place Market then you have seen the famous gum wall. It is over 8 feet tall and has nearly 1 million wads of gum on it. Well, it is time to get that wall a good cleaning. The gum wall will get its cleaning on Nov. 10. It is really a sight to see -- pretty gross, too. They say it has over 150 gums per brick.

The wall needs a good cleaning because all that sugar is eroding its surface. Fear not, gum wall lovers, as soon as it gets a good cleaning you will be able to put gum back on it again.

I wish they could find out whose gum is up there. You know, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Mike Starr and all other famous people. You know that Kurt and Courtney put gum on that thing more than once. I suspect that since Courtney Love is a whack job, her and Kurt sat there and just chewed gum, threw them up on the wall and then chewed some more.

Make sure you check out this amazing attraction before it gets cleaned up at Pike Place Market in Seattle! Do it before Nov. 10!