Almost every time I need to go somewhere like California, Wyoming or Montana, I have to drive to Seattle to get that flight. The flights from Yakima to Seattle have been few and far between ... until now.After much negotiation, Yakima has finally filled the time that everyone has so desired. The flights will be in the afternoon. No more driving to Seattle to get the 'big flight' or just to check out the sights. It is very inexpensive even for the whole family.

The new flight with Alaska Airlines will leave SeaTac at 3 p.m. and arrive in Yakima at 3:38. Passengers on board  for the return trip will go wheels up at 4:10 and will touch down in Seattle 30 minutes later.
City Council member Dave Ettl says:
The feds have provided more than a quarter million dollars in promotions money which the city will match to help make the new run a success — which could eventually lead to a much-needed mid-evening flight.
The flights mentioned will be available to book online next Monday (April 27), and the first flights will take off Aug. 23.
Yakima Airport is continuing to make this better, easier and safer for all of us.

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