This is just sad.  When first responders are out doing their jobs, to discover that they've been the target of thieves is unsettling.  I really hope that law enforcement will be able to catch the criminals who did this.

As they were fighting the Evans Canyon Fire, three Yakima County firefighters had their vehicles broken into.

The firefighters discovered their vandalized vehicles early Wednesday morning, after returning to the fire station on North Wenas Road in Selah.  No doubt, after an exhaustive time battling the blaze, to see their vehicles damaged was disappointing.

Brandon Lambert is a firefighter with Yakima County Fire District #2.  He posted the following on his Facebook page:

When you come back at 3 am after staying up for 2 days straight saving every house you can from a raging wildfire and you find this! Thank you Selah for supporting your firefighters!


If anyone has information, please contact the Yakima County Sheriff's Office at 509-574-2500 or 800-572-0490.

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