My nephew Kai is extremely obsessed with firemen, which drive the coolest of all trucks at least according to him. They have a ladder on top after all.

Kai meets real life heroes.
Kai meets real life heroes.

He has a tablet and watches Thomas And His Friends a ton and LOVES them, too. Nothing comes close to Fireman Sam, though.

All he wants for his birthday is a Fireman Sam bike. The only place you can find one is on and they won't ship to the United States.

Well, today we ventured to the neighborhood grocery store next to where he lives. As soon as we turned into the parking lot he lit up.


When we got inside he looked every where he could to find them. He had forgotten by the time he had eaten his free cookie, but when we got to the front to check out, they were in line next too us. Kai stared at them and tried to say hello.

He whispered, "Hi."

I couldn't hear him, but he would not take his eyes off of them.

"They're on the way!" Kai explained to me.

Eventually, he talked me into asking for a high five.

The guys from the Richland Fire Department were glad to oblige and invited Kai to come look at the truck when we got finished checking out.

"And the helmets," Kai added.

Not only did Kai get to touch an actual helmet, but he got his very own, which he wore ALL DAY. Even when we went out to eat lunch.

Eating out with his fireman
Eating out with his fireman hat on.

The guys probably didn't know it from how shy Kai acted, but they probably just ensured my nephew becomes a firefighter when he grows up.


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