For over a year now we've had to wear masks. Many have hated it. Many have loved it. I fall right into the middle. In most things in life, I try to find the benefits of any crappy situations. Slept through the alarm clock, well at least you got more rest. Burned your dinner, at least you get to eat something. Boss yelling at you at work, at least your getting paid to nod and not pay attention to him/her. See, it's all about how you twist things, and looking at life. The news call that "Spinning" and they do it all the time. Well, you might have heard in the news how the "Mask Mandate" is being loosened, and soon will be totally gone (fingers crossed). But there are somethings I'm gonna miss... these are the "Silver linings" I found about wearing a mask, that I'm gonna miss.

5 Shaving! - I've gone up to 3 weeks without shaving. It's been nice, I've been lazy, and no one has really noticed. I would have grown a full beard during the pandemic, but I got the "Joe Dirt Hair Gene"... meaning, it don't really grow the way I would like.


4 Bleeding Problems! - Not from shaving and cutting myself... but from like a bloody nose. My nasal passages dry out pretty bad in the summer & winter, so I get them often. And you always feel like the weirdo with everyone staring at you, walking somewhere with a wad of TP coming out of the right side! Thank you mask for saving me from this embarrassment. (Side note, it doesn't work well with a white or paper mask).


3 Secret Identity - I'm not famous by any means (at least I don't consider myself so). But being in the public scene, either from Radio or my different comedy endeavors, many people know me. I love people, seeing and talking to them. But some days, you just have days where you don't want to deal with anyone. On those days, thank goodness for a mask!


2 Food Trough -  Pretty self explanatory. I found popcorn, Gummy bears & certain types of chips are the best. Food I found to be horrible... soup.


1 Resting Bitch Face - We all have them. Even the most beautiful people can have a resting bitch face at some point (usually in the morning). And to be blunt, there are just some people that I feel, don't deserve a smile when I see them. Thank you mask, for allowing me to be "social & friendly" when I don't want to be.


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