Drummer David Silveria has made headlines over his squabbles with his ex-Korn bandmates and now he's got another ex-band he's bickering with. While Silveria quietly split with Infinika a year ago, his exit got a little more exposure this week when he posted on Facebook, advising his followers to "unfriend" the band's page and making a few derogatory comments about leader Riz Story's political beliefs. As expected, this generated a response from Story.

According to Story, Silveria was kicked out over his political views and a social media presence he considered embarrassing. Story stated, "Infinika stands for art, peace, humanity and above all we are anti-war and racism." He also revealed that he was the one who drummed on the Echoes and Traces album, but listed Silveria as the drummer as it seemed like a good business move when he was added to the band. That's a decision he says he now regrets and he says he's recalled copies of the album and plans to re-release the disc with proper credits, removing Silveria's name.

Story went on to tell fans that this was not an April Fool's joke and that the simple truth was that he and Silveria clashed ideologically. Given Silveria's comments he felt that only reaffirmed his decision.

After Story's comments on how Silveria's exit played out, the drummer fired back stating that the band was done over a year ago and despite claims that he was kicked out for being a Donald Trump supporter, Silveria said that he couldn't land a manager for the band with all his connections because none of them were fans of Story's singing. Read how it all played out below and look in the comments section of Story's post for additional responses.

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