Drummer David Silveria has had a lot of venom to spew towards his former band Korn. Following his departure from the band in 2006, Korn have gone on to record four studio albums since, with another one on the way, which has the band excited. While the current members of Korn are pumped about their upcoming album, Silveria (who is currently drumming in his band Infinika) does not have the same sentiments.

In a recent interview with Billboard, guitarist Munky declared, “It’s time to take a little extra time to make a great album. I think it’s time to solidify our legacy cause I’m really proud of it.”

As reported by The PRP, Silveria went on a bit of a rant on his personal Facebook page, offering up his opinion of what the new Korn album will sound like and his interpretation of what defines the breakthrough nu-metal act's legacy.

Screenshot Via The PRP
Screenshot Via The PRP

Silveria has fired shots at the band multiple times over the last couple years, targeting Fieldy in one Facebook post, stating "He [Fieldy] knows I would squash him like a bug." The band's former drummer also filed a lawsuit against the band over what he considered were wages due to him while he was on hiatus from the band. Korn's reluctance to take Silveria back when he openly petitioned to rejoin the band only made matters worse as he is seeking to dissolve his partnership after recouping the lost wages.

In our recent interview with Brian "Head" Welch, the guitarist reflect on their former drummer's time in the band as well as his personal relationship with the drummer:

First of all, I love David. I’ve got nothing but positive vibes for him. They had their issues with David for years. After I left or the next year he left. They told him to take a break and he never called back. He started calling back about three years ago and wanted to do a reunion thing. He asked me and I said I didn’t want to do it because at the time I didn’t want to do it. But after I got on stage with them, it was just like, “Whoah, I think I should do this. This is meant to be.” But Jonathan and David, they have some things that they haven’t worked out and so, I just stayed out of it.

But I’ve got nothing but respect for him and that first album was awesome. It was the closest we were at the beginning of Korn. We were in a studio with Ross, writing songs together. It seemed like some of the members on the next few albums after that were a little distant, not as hungry to throw all they had into it, but that time was a great experience.


Korn just kicked off a tour in which they'll be playing their 1994 self-titled debut album in its entirety. Check out the dates here.

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