As I was driving around in Union Gap, I saw workers putting up security fencing in front of the former Toys "R" Us store. The toy store of the past has been closed for well over a year and half after the chain filed for bankruptcy in early 2018. For a brief time it was a Halloween store (if memory serves me correctly), but has mostly remained vacant. So when I saw the workers, I had to ask what was going in there. What one worker told me really surprised me, especially since the other store is only a few blocks away. The worker told me that it was going to be turned into a Cash & Carry.

Now, we already have two of those (kind of), URM Cash & Carry located on Fifth Avenue, and Smart Foodservice Warehouse Store, which is just a couple of blocks away on Mead. Now, could one of the stores be moving to a better location? Or are we getting a new bulk food store? Was the worker misinformed? Or was he just pulling my leg? Only time will tell, but with the building's huge size, my wife and I started talking about what we'd like to go in that spot. Here are our top picks -- take this poll and let us know what you'd prefer.


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