Ain't no party, like a Fresh Hop Party, cause a Fresh Hop Party Don't Stop! Well... until it's officially over, but then it'll be amazing memories, of friends, music, and drinks!

The Fresh Hop Party is set for Friday, October 6th, 2023! Are you in?

This is the 9th annual Fresh Hop Party, so this year, we're taking it to the streets in a new electrifying twist! Naches Ave. will be closed down making for one amazing outdoor party scene between Single Hill Brewing and the Seasons Performance Hall!

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Naches Ave will be transformed into a lively atmosphere, packed with local breweries with drinks made from the finest of fresh hops! It's not just drinks, but fantastic foods from a wide variety of vendors will be on tap as well to give your taste buds a great mix of suds and grub!

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This wouldn't be a party without music! Live music will be filling the air through out the night! Dance to the tunes, party with friends, compare and contrast with other beer enthusiasts and just have a blast that can only come from The Fresh Hop Party!

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Mark your calendars and save the date for the 9th Annual Fresh Hop Party for this  momentous celebration of craft, flavor, and of course, community! This one-of-a-kind street party will be Friday, October 6th with doors opening at 5 pm! For more information and to PURCHASE TICKETS, check out:

Enter To Win Free Tickets To The 9th Annual Fresh Hop Party!

Fill out the form below! Contest ends on Friday, August 11th at 11:59pm. Winners will be notified by email.

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