There is a lot happening politically right now and it is bugging me to no end. Specifically, the back and forth between the opposing sides has hogged all the other news space.

It occurred to me that there doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about the ongoing War On Terror that the U.S. Coalition forces continue to fight, nor the onslaught of love-wolf terrorists striking Western Targets. At least other than body counts and debate over policy.

There are a few headlines:

What I am talking about could just be my perception as a military brat that used to look with wonder at military tech, but there doesn't seem to be any focus on improving our basic every day tech law enforcement or soldiers must use.

It's always talk about jets that can't outfly the jets we already have, much less compete with smaller, more effective remotely-flown drones.

Aircraft carriers that are already obsolete. We have bombers based in Missouri that can strike any place on the planet without being seen much less detected.

The wars of the next century will not be fought with Cold War tech. Our country doesn't have the stomach for a draft much less the sacrifice on the order of the Greatest Generation.

As it is our military has such an advantage, ISIS and those that would try and marching Armies against our countries do not even bother trying here in the U.S. or Europe instead using our every day conveniences against us like cars and trucks.

So why not just use existing tech to provide built-in security? The moment we do, someone will start thinking about the next upgrade and so on. If we already have cars that can detect collisions, why can't we design them to detect a person about to be plowed over by a terrorist behind the wheel?

If we make it standard every automobile sold must already have an airbag, seatbelt, etc., making an actual life-saving feature like a human detector standard should be an easy sell.

Keeping sleepy drivers in their own lanes with auto assist and Tesla self-driving cars are future tech already in use.

Built in terror fighting features should be standard because they would save lives from drunk drivers, those having medical episodes, and texters as well.

Actually, I think we should just make self driving cars standard. Humans are too darn distracted to be driving these days. I would much rather just get work done or play on my phone while commuting anywhere anyway.

I was watching Steven Spielberg's Minority Report again the other day. While there was a lot of far-off sci-fi tech in the movie, the self driving cars and magnetic roadways are technological advances we need to make this century as we set up our next infrastructure projects this century.

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