Do you wear gloves when shopping at the grocery store? Professor Marylyn Roberts at the University of Washington says the gloves won't help you avoid getting COVID-19. In fact the professor says if you don't take the gloves off properly you can become contaminated. She says the chance you'll get the virus at the grocery store is very low. She says it could actually be worse because there's the possibility you could pick up other infections you could get by mishandling gloves. Instead she suggests you use hand sanitizer and wash your hands when you get home.
As a result of the use of gloves grocery store employees have had to deal with a big littering problem. People are wearing the gloves in the stores then throwing them in parking lots. Health experts say the gloves can not only cause problems for people who have to pick them up but they also cause damage to the environment since they don't break down and can be picked up by kids or can get washed into water systems.

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