Spring is in the air, the weather is beautiful and it's also National Golfers Day. This means it's a day to celebrate that backswing and hit the course. Luckily in Yakima, there's no shortage of places to go, so here's a fun list to help you pick the next green to tee off of.

If you don't see your favorite course or think you know of some better places be sure to send us a message so we can update our list with your favorite spot.

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Westwood West Golf Course 

This 9 hole course is a favorite in the Yakima Valley and needs no membership to play. If you're looking to warm up that swing before you hit the course they also have their own driving range.

Suntides Golf Course

Looking to truly test your skills as a golfer? This place has 18 full holes and will let you play to the best of your abilities, if you consider yourself a skilled golfer this is a course you have to play at least once in your life.

River Ridge Golf Course

This 9 hole course can be found in Selah, with a full restaurant and bar it seems like a perfect place to go celebrate your day. It's open to the public and is considered one of the funner courses to play.

Fisher Park Golf Course

This is a private golf outing that everyone who considers themselves a golfer should try at least once. You can rent your own private game with friends or go it solo. Either way, these nine holes are heavily talked about when it comes to the golfing community in Yakima.

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