I wish more folks would do this. Down in the Tri-Shitties, someone saw a female spray painting graffiti in the park and took a picture.

Here in Yakima, I see graffiti written on drive through windows.

Wouldn't it be nice if more folks kept an eye out for this:

Yakima takes a lot of crap from the rest of the state, mostly from years past.

Getting rid of the graffiti problem would go a long way to cleaning up that image.

When I see losers at the park smoking and making it an unsafe place for the kids, I speak up and make sure they know parents in the neighborhood do not approve of their presence. Yes, it is scary and they can be fools.

But there is strength in numbers, plus most people wanting to hang out at the park and do drugs look for the path of least resistance and an angry, yelling parent is not easy to deal with. At least when that parent is me.

Own your parks, own your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors, you never know when they will be there to have your back. Get out your phone, record and take pictures.

We are Yakima Strong, let's own it.

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