I was never the biggest fan of Skittles, often opting for Reese's Pieces instead, but Skittles have always been a top-seller when it comes to treats on the candy shelf and are a favorite of my children. A few years ago my kids offered me a Skittle and I said 'sure, I'd love a green one' when we both realized that green was no longer a color in the bags anymore.

How could they get rid of lime green?

I had to look it up and, sure enough, Skittles discontinued lime green Skittles back in 2013. Not sure why they would do something like this. Maybe to make room for other flavors joining the iconic red bag of fruit-flavored explosion.

I guess there was enough outpour on the Internet as Skittles brought them back. Not only did they bring them back, but brought them back in their own exclusive bag where the only thing you get is lime green and I'm all for it.

They taste exactly as I remember. If you were a fan of lime green Skittles, look out for these on store shelves.

If you're in Yakima, I found these at the Wray's on 56th right at the check stand.

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