This past Friday (Jan. 4), around 1 p.m., Thomas Benscoter Jr. was heading down Summitview Avenue when he captured this picture of a parking job gone wrong. Hopefully, no one was injured and the car didn't get damaged too badly, but it begs the question: What was the driver thinking? Afraid that they'd be out of Boneless Chicken and was to eager to get there? Needs to get new glasses? Foot slipped off the brake? GPS screwed up? Driver thought it was a Smart-Car? Killer Bees? Or as one of Thomas's friends pointed out, maybe the driver wanted to see if the car was rear wheel drive? Others have pointed out that this isn't the first time that this type of parking job has been done at this spot, but thanks to Thomas, this time we are able to share in Schadenfreude.

Pic courtesy of Thomas Benscoter Jr.