With the topic of gun rights, safety, and possession constantly under discussion and debate, it made me question where we stood on the subject in Washington State. Especially where one side of the state’s opinion seems to be drastically different from the others regarding owning and using a firearm.

The government is constantly modifying and pushing forward new laws and restrictions when it comes to ammo and magazine capacity, but what about owning and possessing a gun? Now, from the best of my memory, you could go through a private seller in the past, but after 2014, you needed to go through a background check to purchase a gun legally and have it registered.

How Does That Relate To Conceal Vs. Open Carry?

Washington State is still an open carry state. Meaning you can carry it with you in plain sight. Note that many private businesses may prohibit open carrying on their premises. When it comes to concealing your firearm, that requires a CPL (Concealed Pistol License). You can apply for one through the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office or the Yakima Police Department. Is one better than the other? It really depends on the situation, your comfort level, as well as your location.

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Do You Need Training For A CPL

In short, no. You do not need training to acquire a CPL. It isn’t a bad idea to do so, though. No matter what type of firearm or plans for it. Many places in the Yakima Valley offer training, including The Range LLC and Redhawk Firearm Training. Cabela's just announced an upcoming training session that sold out in no time. This shows that people are interested in the sport/art/protection and want to be safe.

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More Information on Gun Ownership

If you're curious about buying, selling, and owning a gun in Washington, check out Zuanich Law PLLC's page about most frequently asked questions. For more information on conceal carry, the USConcealedCarry.com website is pretty helpful.

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