We've all had a weird voicemail. Whether it's a crank call or a butt dial. Heck, some of us have woken up in the morning only to find a 3am drunk voice permanently recorded and saved in the annuals of time thanks to the cloud of an ex-lover who finally realizes it's their fault and not yours. If we'd only give them one more chance, they know everything would be alright. Your bed wouldn't be alone. They wouldn't be at the bar alone, drunk, sad, calling you at 3am on a Thursday morning, trying not to vomit into their new iPhone because they're not quite sure if the Apple insurance they pay covers puke damage. Or heck, it could just be a voice mail from a wrong number.

But it's pretty rare that you get a phone call from your brother, wanting to save you from eternal damnation! That's exactly what happened when Sam Seeger checked his phone. He found a pretty lengthy voicemail from his brother Ben. Now most people would just roll their eyes and hit "1" to delete. Not Sam! He has a talent. Many to be exact. Music as well as animation! His brother has a need, some would say his own talent, and that is to save his brother's soul! Sam decided to put all of their talents together for a pretty rockin' animated music video titled "Armagetten". It's already received over 380 thousand views with over 12 thousand likes on YouTube. Check the video out below and save your soul.. from Armagetten!


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