GWAR have put their weight behind President Trump's recent suggestions that ingesting bleach could constitute a remedy against the novel coronavirus and the infectious disease that it causes, COVID-19. The thematic metal act's drummer, Jizmak da Gusha, outlined those thoughts on Wednesday (April 29).

To be clear, drinking bleach will not help the body defend against coronavirus. But in a video message from GWAR, Jizmak claimed the band has long consumed bleach recreationally. At a White House press conference last week (April 23), Pres. Trump wondered aloud whether ingesting the chemical product could pose a cure.

Watch GWAR's video down toward the bottom of this post.

"Coming at you with another PSA for the COVID-19," the GWAR member says in the clip. "It was really great to hear our president in America say that it was OK to use bleach as a cleaner or as a drug. GWAR has been using it as a drug forever. … You can inhale it. … You can try to smoke it, shoot it."

The musician continues before putting a bottle of bleach to his lips, "Obviously, drink[ing] it is the best. That's what I like to do. You just get the big ol' bottle and just chug away. So if you want to stay safe from COVID-19, drink bleach. Shoot it, smoke it, [as] I said before. GWAR does it all the ways."

As reported by The Washington Post, Trump's quickly disputed remarks last week also explored the idea of injecting COVID-19 patients with household cleaners. "I see the disinfectant, that knocks it out in a minute," the president said. "Is there a way we can do something like that, by injection, inside?"

One day later, Trump attempted to walk back his comments as sarcasm, which The Guardian pointed out. But that didn't stop some Americans from drinking bleach anyway, as the New Statesman reported. The Atlantic correctly noted that bleach destroys human tissue — it can burn the esophagus if swallowed.

It's reasonable to presume that GWAR are aware of the dangers in piggybacking off the president's unsound suggestions. But the group has been using its downtime during the global health crisis to underscore its eccentric brand. Earlier this month, GWAR were interviewed by CNN about the pandemic.

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