IT'S BATMAN DAY! What does that mean? Do we leave cookies and milk for the Dark Knight when he comes down our ventilation shaft? Do we hide Riddler trophies outside so children can find them? Do we cook a giant bat and eat it with our family members that we have to pretend we like one day a year? (No, we're not going to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Osbournes). What does Batman Day mean? Well, all and all, it's a celebration of the caped crusader! One thing is for sure, with the current comic run of "Fear State", the Justice League Snyder Cut finally dropping on home release, upcoming Flash Movie with Keaton & Affleck coming back both as their version of Batman, and the Pattinson movie on the way... it's a damn good time to love the bat!


I consider myself a big Batman fan. I have books, movies, posters, toys, games, statues, a plush stuffed batman. I even have my dog, Rusty, in a Batman shirt right now (not joking)! To get an idea of how much money I've given the makers of Bruce Wayne, here's a link to my story about The Joker I wrote on his 80th anniversary... and that's just the tip of of the iceberg of all my Batman stuff! I'm probably not as big as one of my neighbors (house pictured below), but I do my best, I look up to Batman. Hell yeah I wish I could be him. He is a human, at absolute peak ability.

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The Batmobiles!

Since I can't be him, I try my best to enjoy his adventures in any form. One of the biggest things I wish I could embody, is all of the cars that he has! Let's face it, it's the car!


There has even been a couple video games dedicated to the cars of Batman! Now, don't get me wrong, the Arkham series is by far the best of the Batman video games, but one that rivals the top spot of my favorites is actually a driving game that many don't know about. It's simply called "Batman" and it's from the company Raw Thrills! To the best of my knowledge, there are only 3 in the Northwest! If you ever see one, play it! It's a blast!


You can control, pretty much any and every Batmobile up through the Nolan trilogy! I'm not going to say how much money I spent playing this game, because my wife reads the articles I write! But yeah, I didn't have enough for a soda, when I was done at the truck stop in Troutdale, Oregon.


In this game, there is roughly 10 square miles of Gotham city you get to drive around has you defeat Batman's rogues gallery. It's the most fun I've had with an arcade game in decades!

Enough about the cars. What about the man behind in the mask!?! He wrestles with crazy lunatics, super powered psychopaths, and a number of deities who intend to do harm to innocents. He has a sick man cave (literally) and a plethora of sweet rides! To top it off, he's the world's greatest detective, rivaled only by the great Sherlock Holmes.


The History of Batman Day!

The first Batman Day was held on July 23 of 2014. It coincided with San Diego Comic Con. It has since moved to September and is a "floating" holiday. In fact, today corresponds with Adam West Day, the Batman from the camp era of our hero (I write that with love). But is one day enough for Batman? Why not a whole Bat-Week? I'm sure DC Comics won't mind! Why do we even celebrate a fictional character? Well he's done a lot of pop culture, you can not deny that. According to google: "The purpose of Batman Day is to celebrate the anniversary of the character's first ever appearance, which was in Detective Comics #27 way back in May 1939." How will you celebrate Batman Day? Perhaps with a Batman version of "The Sound of Silence" originally done by Simon & Garfunkel? Check it out below & happy Batman Day!



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