April 10th is National Siblings Day! What does that mean? Well for me, it means now that I'm finally bigger than my 6 1/2 year older brother, I get to beat up on him with out our Dad yelling at us to "go outside or knock it off!" I've known my brother all my life, and he's known me for 39 years. Like many people and their siblings, my brother Chris, was my first bully, but also, my first best friend!

I always looked up to him, at least until I was about 15, then we were pretty much the same height. We'd rough house & play fight, like most brothers do. None of our fights ever got heated. We did take it to the extreme twice. Once I performed a WWE wrestling move called "The Rock Bottom" on him on our kitchen floor. He didn't get up for a while. & another time, he picked me up and dropped me right on my knee... I got up, but man I limped for days after. It was at that time, we realized we were pretty evenly matched. Now we settle things in a civilized fashion... with "Your Mama" jokes... accept we both share the dad... and mom.


I'm quite blessed, especially when it comes to siblings. Besides my brother Chris, I have 4 sisters (two who are stepsisters & two that are in-laws, my brother's wife & my wife's sister). Not to mention, my cousins, which I can honestly say, 3 of them are so close they might as well be sisters. & I don't want to forget, the siblings we choose... my best friends, (luckily I have 3, dating all the way back to grade school). However family is made up, happy siblings day... go give a hug or a headlock to your favorite pain in the butt!


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