It is beyond me why someone with so much talent on screen, on stage and with her looks, could be so messed up. Heather Locklear used to be one of my idols. In fact, I had her in my top 10 of woman that 'I would!' You know what I mean. However, she is way off that list by now. I cannot imagine being that wasted all of the time. I had some moments in my life that were really not that good. I get it.

I suppose being married to Tommy Lee, the drummer of Motley Crue, for a minute or two would send anyone to drink a lot. He is crazy.

If you haven't heard, Locklear, during the beginning of the new year, checked herself into rehab, reports say. She was also married to one of my favorite guitar players, Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi.

She also has been on many TV shows from "TJ Hooker" to "Melrose Place." She is incredible, so why would she be such a lush? Makes me sad.

She is acting like an entitled little teenager. Heather! Get over yourself already and straighten up! You're a mom! Get your crap together!

That is all!

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