The Hella Mega Tour with Green Day, Weezer & Fall Out Boy was set to play in Seattle in just a few weeks from now. Sadly like many, many, many other concerts and events this summer, it was canceled thanks to Coronavirus. We here in Washington took it extra hard, since this is the 2nd time that Green Day had been forced to cancel. The last time being back 8 years ago in 2012 due to entering rehab. Also because of the canceled tour, Weezer even pushed back the release of their new album Van Weezer until 2021 (now expected on May 7th). Some good news have just popped up, in the form a new date & the option of a full refund.

I was nervous about whether we'd get a refund for the concert tickets after Ticketmaster changed their refund policy back in April. So when the email came out it gave my mind and wallet a bit of a relief. The email states that the new concert date for T-Mobile Park show in Seattle will be July 14th, 2021 (which is a Wednesday). A middle of the week concert is pretty hard to swing for an out of town concert for many people, especially one so far in advance, so I was thrilled that I was given the option. Yes, closer to the date, I'll check my life and hopefully be able to go, but a concert over a year away is hard for me (and many others) to commit to.

The email states:

We've worked with the event organizer to reschedule your event and make sure you still have the chance to attend. Your tickets are still valid for the new date. We understand that you might not be able to make it, but have worked with the event organizer to make sure you have an option. You have through July 31, 2020 to choose the option below (refund).
Once an option is selected, it's final and cannot be changed. If you do not choose this option by July 31, 2020, your tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled date. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We look forward to gathering and celebrating the live experience together again. –Ticketmaster Fan Support

If you won tickets from 94.5 KATS, hang on to them, they (from all reports we can find as of this publication) are still good for the new date.

Johnny Perilla, Loudwire
Johnny Perilla, Loudwire

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