Well, if you've been listening to the morning show for the last week or so then you've heard longtime morning host Todd E. Lyons, Esq. alongside a new host.

For those of you who have sampled the across-town radio station offerings, you've heard Henderson on the Radio. But for those who have not, well, here is all you need to know about the new morning host:

I am a father of five and an avid fisherman. I grew up a military brat with my father stationed on Okinawa, Japan, through most of the '80s. I went to high school in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia because my dad was stationed at Langley A.F.B.

Before moving to Washington in 2005 and back again in 2010 after a two years in Tampa Bay, I had never lived anywhere in the country more than four years. Being a military brat and radio gypsy traveling the world and the entire span of the country, a person can really decide where home is depending on where they are happiest. For me, that meant hours standing beside or floating in the Yakima River.

I caught my first river trout along Highway 12 on the way up to Rimrock Lake. I caught my first Chinook along the bank at Drano Lake. I did my first gold panning in Cle Elum.

But whether fishing on the river or along the reef as a kid on Okinawa, there was one constant: rock radio.

I was the kid who all the DJs in town knew by name.

As an adult, more people knew me by my "radio name" than the name my mother yells when she is angry. Now in Yakima, I dropped the whole premise of being fake. No fake name, no fake personality. I am the same moron you hear on the radio as the one that you get yelling at the TV during football season.

I love the Seahawks -- that is MY team, not only by choice but through passion. I take a lot of crap for this from my Texan family, which tried to raise me to be a Cowboys fan. As anyone that is FROM Texas can tell you, Texans think very highly of themselves, yet they have a blind spot for the Cowboys. Everyone in Texas hates Jerry Jones, but loves the Cowboys. Personally, I hated Jerry so much that being a Cowboys fan was always a pain because you inevitably had to defend the owner.

So when you hear my talking about the Hawks, it's because that is what I am talking about when the mic is turned off. When you hear me talking about being a dad, it's because little else consumes my time or interest.

If there is anything I plan on bringing to KATS FM, it is my honesty and passion. Passion for the music. Passion for the listener and making sure that no matter what is happening to them personally, they always have a place to hear the right song for the right time.

Cleaning the house? Awesome, here is the new Volbeat. Headed to the river? Killer, here is some AC/DC while you back that boat into the water.

Need some fish count info? I will let you know on the website and on the air where you should be during the fishery.

That's what I talk about, because that is who I am. Of course, during winters like this I am also a "Call of Duty"-playing fool, so hit me up on COD Ghosts anytime! @radiohenderson

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