It was the Instagram post heard around the Evergreen State.

"Is Kam Bam retiring?" was the question everyone on Twitter was immediately asking.

The visual metaphor of the Super Bowl winning defensive player that put the BOOM in Legion Of Boom walking away from the Seahawks' logo was not lost on 12's.

Kam Chancellor has been a strong safety for the Seattle Seahawks since being drafted in the fifth round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

This season during the Arizona Cardinal game that ended up being the costliest game of the season, Kam Bam was one of many key players that went down in that physical division game. The injury is just called a "stinger" but it looks like it ended Chancellor's career.

During one of the post-game press conferences, coach Pete Carroll ignited the initial rumors about Chancellor and injured teammate Cliff Avril in December saying the two were going to have a hard time playing football again.

Given what we know about the physical effects that the game has had on career players, if there is any room for doubt, he should walk away.

His legacy is solidified.

He is in the Hall Of Fame.

There is nothing left for Kam Bam to prove.

Knowing when to walk away has not been easy for many past NFL greats, like Tony Romo or Peyton Manning who were forced to retire due to injuries. If you really look back, Peyton may have won that Super Bowl with the Broncos but he could barely move around. The defense won that game. One bad hit and it could have been tragedy on a Super Bowl scale.

I love the game of football. But I love the players, too and there is life after the game.

In fact, I think if we want the NFL to survive we will have to lose a few of those catastrophic hits that Kam Bam is known for.

In the meantime, I am thankful for the magical time we had with the L.O.B.

See you around, Kam.


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