This weekend I quietly celebrated my 41st birthday. I relaxed a bit Saturday night as we converged on Zillah for the Scott Stapp show.

What a perfect show!

I love stripped down sets, unplugged is such a great way to reconnect to a piece of music you have loved for years.

Let's face it, as Stapp said on stage, it's been 20 years since the release of My Own Prison.

I have been playing them for the majority of my radio career, through the good and bad years.

For both of us.

This year is a year of transition. The Big D - the divorce is done. A new job with a new station. New friends and lost friends, more and more every day. (Rest in peace, Ron King!)

Life happens, as we know. This year I turned 41 with a nice family dinner with the kids and my sister at home. We had Mexican food, which was amazing since we got most of it from the Mexican grocery store.

My cake was the best:

TSM Henderson cake

Since my nephew loves cars, it had a Cars movie theme because he picked it out for me. It was a Tres de Leche cake, my absolute favorite.

So, no I am not as happy as I could be, but I am better then I was yesterday. I am better then I was a year ago.

But I'll be better tomorrow.

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