Look, I admit to being more of a Tex-Mex fan than the usual slight, subtle flavor many of Washington's Mexican restaurants offer.

The longer I live here, though, the more I love a few local spots.

This is not meant to be the end-all-be-all list of Mexican places here in Yakima, just a fun look at the ones I visit the most.

But Yakima has some pretty darn good Mexican food:

  1. Mercedes & Family at 5603 Tieton Drive. I love mini tacos and they RULE here mainly because they aren't so mini.
  2. Antojitos on Summitview has all you're looking for in a lunch break you can enjoy. Great food, great service and a huge selection of salsa that I always devour.
  3. Smitty's on Fruitvale is the BEST place to get breakfast burritos and the best thing is that you can call ahead and grab it on a "coffee break." They also have a growler refill station for Yakima Craft Brewing Co., so there's that, too.
  4. Nino's over past Toys R Us. A lot like a taco truck version of Chipotle, but the tortillas are light years better. Eating a tortilla at Nino's is HEAVEN. I could literally just eat a dozen and be happy. And bloated, but happy.
  5.  Toro Taco in Selah. The torta is my go-to, but the mini tacos are great with the green sauce, of course. Bonus because I can buy the types of Peace Tea I love at the same time.

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