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Yakima Taco Fest Returns on September 2021
If you have never been to the Yakima Taco Fest before, here's what basically happens: You buy a ticket, they give you a wristband and some food truck and drink ticket script, and then you walk around until you find a taco truck you like and stand in line (could be for hours, just saying) to buy samples of a delicious variety of tacos. There will be and cornhole boards, lively Mexican bands, and lots of dancing, so bring your boogie shoes!
Hendo's Top 5 Mexican Places
Look, I admit to being more of a Tex-Mex fan than the usual slight, subtle flavor many of Washington's Mexican restaurants offer. The longer I live here, though, the more I love a few local spots. This is not meant to be the end-all-be-all list of Mexican places here in Yakima, just a fun look at the ones I visit the most.