Being a redneck doesn't mean exactly what it used to, now a day people are proud to call themselves rednecks, so hopefully, this list won't make too many people angry.

I did a little digging and looked up country bars, most owned trucks, country living, you name it! We came up with a list of the top 5 most Redneck cities in Washington, I think you might be surprised.

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5.) Enumclaw

Enumclaw is a gorgeous city with a lot of amazing people living there. When you're in Enumclaw it feels like you went back in time a bit. It has to do with it being a small town and everyone knowing each other. There is a lot of country pride out there, not only is it filled with hard-working farmers but even the locals are proud of their redneck pride.

4.) Buckley

Buckley Washington is known to be a more redneck kinda town hosting the Buckley Log Show every year bringing all the blue collard woodsmen to their town for an extravaganza of wood cutting. Their community is small but large in Redneck Pride.

3.) Naches

Naches is another one of those small communities that strives to bring money in through blue-collar jobs and country living. After spending a day out there I felt that Redneck lifestyle and I won't lie, it made me wanna start looking at houses in their community.

2.) Monroe

Monroe Washington is a large town filled with farmers, hard-working Americans, and a lot of country music fans who are proud to live that redneck lifestyle. They pride themselves on taking care of one another and the fact that most of their streets are back roads.

1.) Aberdeen 

Aberdeen Washington is known around the world as the home of Nirvana Frontman Kurt Cobain. However, Aberdeen was a logging town from when the industry was booming, sadly once it died off it became a dreary town, now it's slowly gaining momentum and is filled with a lot of redneck pride. Hence why Kurt Cobain probably wanted to leave.

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