If you like the empty highway and scenic backroad to the Tri-Cities, you might want to consider the time of day.

Right now during working hours the highway is under construction.

That means repaving over weathered cracks in the highway. They have a flagger stopping traffic at the Sunnyside turn off.

A flagger stops traffic on Highway 24.
A flagger stops traffic on Highway 24.

If you have a nicer or newer vehicle, I would avoid it for a few weeks until the loose gravel they are using has been cleaned up a bit.

I got two new rock chips in my windshield thanks to passing trucks on one trip this weekend.

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, this project will improve various section of highway throughout the south central section of the state. Work will include hot sealing, chip sealing, pavement repair, pre-leveling, crack sealing, fog sealing and new pavement markings.

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