IT'S BATMAN DAY! What does that mean? Do we leave cookies and milk for the Dark Knight when he comes down our ventilation shaft? Do we hide Riddler trophies outside so children can find them? Do we cook a giant bat and eat it with our family members that we have to pretend we like one day a year? What does Batman Day mean? Well, all and all, it's a celebration of the caped crusader!


I consider myself a big Batman fan. I'm probably not as big as one of my neighbors (house pictured above), but I do my best. Besides owning the movies, video games, cartoons, statues, toys, and of course comics, I look up to Batman. Hell yeah I wish I could be him. He is a human, at absolute peak ability. He wrestles with crazy lunatics, super powered psychopaths, and a number of deities who intend to do harm to innocents. He has a sick man cave (literally) and a plethora of sweet rides! To top it off, he's the world's greatest detective, rivaled only by the great Sherlock Holmes.

The first Batman Day started five years ago, and was held on July 23 of 2014. It coincided with San Diego Comic Con. It has since moved to September, and this year is a little extra special with it lining up with Batman '66's Adam West Days in Walla Walla, but also Batman's 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight's first appearance. Look for a real life bat-signal to be lit up around the world in major cities, including Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and the real world's Gotham, New York City.

The City Of Los Angeles And DC Entertainment Honors Adam West With Bat-Signal Lighting Ceremony
Getty Images for DC Entertainmen

How will you celebrate Batman Day?

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