There is a horror movie being filmed right now in Spokane. It’s called 213 Bones, as KQH reports.

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Filming for 213 Bones began on October 23rd and is slated to end production on November 20th. Bellevue, Wash.-based company Overcast LLC is producing the movie. I have noted four locations in Spokane where you can catch them filming. Who knows, you might get "discovered" as an extra!

The slasher flick stars:

Actor Colin Egglesfield
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
Actor Dean Cameron
Mad Bros Media via YouTube

Nike Imoru Casting helped find actors and performers for the roles of Yuna and Lisa. The casting call listing said it was offering up to $3,790 a week for two total weeks of filming. In addition to the flat salary, performers are being offered additional per diem and rehearsal week pay. Actors who got hired for the gig are also given compensation for lodging and travel.

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If my spidey senses are correct, 213 Bones, the movie, just might have something to do with a murderer who knows a thing or two about the human skeleton system. This film is being listed as a grunge-era 1990s college campus horror murder mystery.



Eastern Washington University in Spokane
Eastern Washington University via Google Maps

The movie centers around a murder on a college campus. Eastern Washington University was chosen by the movie's location scouts as the perfect venue backdrop for 213 Bones. Filming resumes on campus at the Williamson, JFK Library Archive Room, and in front of Sutton Hall on November 3–5 and 11–12. Read more here.

Uncle Rusty’s Diner

Movie filming at Uncle Rusty's Diner in Spokane, WA
Google Street View

Family-owned restaurant, Uncle Rusty’s Diner (1412 W 2nd Ave), is being transformed into “Ernie’s Diner” for the movie 213 Bones.

South Hill Neighborhood

South Hill Neighborhood in Spokane
Google Street View



Cheney, WA
Google Street View

Why Are They Allowed to Film a Movie During the Actors Strike?

The Actors Union Strike only affects major motion picture and film production companies, not independent ones. That’s why 213 Bones is being allowed to film.

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SEE ALSO: One of the Most Filmed Movie Locations in the World Is in Oregon


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