Five films to be thankful for
I guess my top 10 Halloween film list was good enough, and I got some requests to write a suggestion list for Thanksgiving. I guess either people are sick of football or the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving cartoon just doesn't hold the same enjoyment it once did...
Rumor: WB Wants Michelle MacLaren for 'Wonder Woman'
In what is probably the best rumor of the week already, WB has apparently got their collective studio eyes on Michelle MacLaren to direct their upcoming 'Wonder Woman' movie. MacLaren is best known for her work on television, where she's directed some of the most riveting episodes of …
Halloween with Timmy!
Throughout the course of life, Halloween means different things. When you're young it's about dressing up and pretending you're a starving beggar for a night. The next phase is going out to the bar and trying to pick up all sorts of slutty kitties, nurses, nuns and Ninja Turtles.
Ozzy Goes Disney!! Video Trailor
Ozzy Osbourne has probably been animated for most of his life, but now it’ll be on the big screen in a new Disney film.
“Gnomeo & Juliet” is a take on William Shakespeare's classic play, "Romeo and Juliet"; it features two gar…